According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, our region has averaged 14.4% voluntary and involuntary turnover from 2010 – 2014. This translates to several thousand turnovers per year. And, although some employee exits are impossible to predict or avoid, there are many preventive measures that can be taken to reduce turnover.

AVANT is taking active steps to increase employment longevity in order to build your company and the community. In addition to focusing on making quality placements, AVANT is also bringing additional services to the table to help turn your newest employee into your best employee.

Here are some of the tools and resources AVANT will provide all of your qualified candidates.

  • Productivity evaluation and consultation
  • Efficiency and time management training
  • Follow up and additional tools as needed
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  • Evaluate company requirements for new employee
  • Assess and train employee for specific company needs
  • Provide online resources and training as needed
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  • Evaluate previous and current retirement options
  • Provide consultation and financial advice
  • Ongoing retirement and financial resources as needed.
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Specialized, Sustainable, Flexible Staffing Programs